Frequently Asked Questions

What is Payday loans no debit card?
Payday loans no debit card is meant for short term cash requirements which are required to be paid off immediately. You can avail payday loans no debit card within 24 hours of applying with us

What is the eligibility criterion for availing payday loans with you?
For availing payday loans with us borrowers are required to fulfil minimum eligibility criterion. This criterion include requirements like age over 18 years, regular checking bank account, regular employment of at least three months and minimum monthly salary of at least £1000.

What is the loan amount offered by you as payday loans no debit card?
You can avail amount ranging from £100 to £1500 as payday loans no debit card.

What is the term of repayment for loans with you?
We provide term of repayment for 14 to 31 days.

What are the documents required for applying availing loans with you?
You can avail loans with us without any paper work.

Do you make any credit check before providing cash?
No, you can avail Payday Loans with us without getting worried about credit check. We offer our loan services without credit check into your past credit record.

I am suffering from bad credit even then can I apply for loans with you?
With Payday Loans No Debit Card you can avail loans in spite of bad credit, defaults, arrears and bankruptcy. You can apply for cash with us without getting worried about bad credit or insufficient credit.

How much time you take in offering approval for loans?
We provide instant approval for loans applied with us. You can avail cash with us within one day of making online application.

Is it secure to apply online?
Yes, it is fully secured to apply online with us. We never reveal your personal information given for availing loans to any third party without your permission.

What is the amount of fee charged by you for offering loans?
You can apply online for our loan services without paying out any fee.

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